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equinox - short film

Mia is 6 and running wild and free, on a huge festival site as summer draws to a close. But her sun-drenched world is not what it seems, and danger is everywhere.

A short film with a powerful environmental message - in development.

Written by Daniel & Robert McGowan
Directed by Daniel McGowan

Photograph courtesy of synx508

Photograph courtesy of synx508

OTHER PEOPLE - short film

Saffy is cooking dinner. Sam is watching football. Matt is on his way to their place to celebrate his birthday. And he’s bringing a friend.

But something about Barry doesn’t seem quite right. It appears that he isn’t all that he has made out to be.

Then again, as Barry himself finds out... who is?

Written & Directed by Daniel McGowan

Scarlet and Red - feature

[In development] – following on from the antics in The Stand, the Scarlets are about to embark on an epic journey through the Iron Curtain, in a film about defiance, rugby, caviar and communism.

Written by Paul Jenkins and Daniel McGowan
Directed by Daniel McGowan

THE REMINDER - short film

A woman wakes to an alarm on her phone – ‘anniversary’. But an anniversary of what?

Written, Produced and Directed by Daniel McGowan
Starring Susan Kingman
Director of Photography / Editor Jonathan Dunn

footprints - feature

How do you make a crust and still have the stomach to eat it?

Forget the Spice Girls. Forget Dolly the Sheep. Forget Princess Di and the royal divorce. 1996 was really about the burgeoning ‘green’ telesales industry – raising consciousness and selling stuff!

Swansea’s TeleGreen business machine is whirring away. But success means the sharks soon start circling. Can curmudgeonly cog Ken stop the shadowy corporations, save the world and find a decent pint of beer?

A biting, timely satire about greed, idealism and the marks we leave behind. Oh, and free pens. Don’t forget the free pens.

Written by Neil Salvage and Janet Sate / Directed by Daniel McGowan - IN DEVELOPMENT


The Stand - short film

1957 – Llanelli’s pride and joy, the Scarlets, are playing a ceremonial match against a combined Oxbridge XV. But with tensions rising and dissent in the ranks, in this rugby battle between the Toffs and the Taffs there’s more than just pride at stake.

Written by Paul Jenkins and Daniel McGowan Directed by Daniel McGowan
Produced by Daniel McGowan, James Lucas & Jonathan Dunn

Visit the website:

Watch the stand trailer here!

TRIPLE WORD SCORE - short film

A seemingly ordinary Sunday.
A seemingly ordinary board game. 
But not your ordinary babysitters... 
A short film about Scrabble, sexual tension and killing time.

Starring David Constant & Gill Harker.
Written by Jonathan Dunn & Daniel McGowan
Written & shot in 24 hours.

Find out about more about why no-one is allowed to see this film and show your support here.

FLATMATES - web comedy

A Hijinx/Unlimited IMPACT production in association with Corrwg. From the curious minds of Richard Newnham and Daniel Sean comes this surreal and hilarious new sitcom.

Shot & Cut by Jonathan Dunn
Directed by Daniel McGowan

Watch the whole series on the Hijinx YouTube channel starting with Episode 1 - Moving In

BOAT. - short film

On a boat on a lonely river, a visitor upsets an old man’s determined isolation. But who is this strange man, and what does he want?

A skewed little tale with dark undercurrents

Written and Directed by Daniel McGowan
Starring Neil Grainger & Neil Salvage
Director of Photography Poom Saiyavath
Edited by Jonathan Dunn

Nominated for Best Short Film - Madrid International Film Festival 2017, and Best Supporting Actor in a Short (Neil Salvage)

Nominated for The Brian Hibbard Award for Best Welsh Short at Cardiff Independent Film Festival 2015.

View the trailer here!